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Monday, January 31, 2022

43-Year-Old Woman Becomes a Drug Dealer

43-Year-Old Woman Becomes a Drug Dealer
Photo of drug dealers in Sekadau.

BorneoTribun Sekadau, West Kalimantan – The Sekadau Resort Police has again uncovered narcotics crimes.

The man with the initials AI (27) and the woman with the initials FA (43) have been detained for the investigation process.

The Head of the Sekadau Resort Police (Kapolres) through the Head of Narcotics Research Iptu Salahuddin said the two perpetrators were arrested at different locations.

Both are drug dealers and are now in trouble with the law.

AI was arrested while passing through the Entada hamlet, Bokak Sebumbun village on Thursday afternoon (27/1/2022). At that time, officers stopped the motorcycle and examined it.

As a result, a transparent plastic clip was found containing clear crystals in the form of drugs.

"The perpetrator could not dodge when we found narcotics, which were stored in the left back pocket of the jeans he was wearing," explained the Head of the Narcotics Unit, Monday, January 31, 2022.

"Based on the results of the development, officers received information that AI claimed to have obtained these items from the FA for resale," he continued.

Based on this information, the officer immediately went to the FA's residence in Sintang Regency. When successfully secured, the FA could not dodge, he also admitted ownership of the item.

"The two perpetrators were threatened with Article 114 paragraph (1) and or Article 112 paragraph (1) of Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics," he concluded.(*)