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Friday, November 11, 2022

Minister Uno opens grand final of 2022 Esports Presidential Cup

Minister Uno opens grand final of 2022 Esports Presidential Cup
Minister Uno opens grand final of 2022 Esports Presidential Cup.
Jakarta - Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno opened the grand final of the 2022 Esports Presidential Cup at Istora Senayan here on Friday.

The competition was held from November 11–13, 2022.

He said he expects the competition to not only improve athletes’ achievement, but also encourage the development of the local gaming ecosystem.

Uno lauded the 2022 Esports Presidential Cup for featuring more local games, as this aligned with the growth of the gaming industry in the country.

"Last year, there were two local games. This year, there were three local games. Indonesia's gaming industry has lucrative potential," he noted at a press conference after the opening here on Friday.

"In 2021, the application and gaming sub-sector’s revenue increased 9.17 percent with the projection of Rp31.25 trillion. In 2022, it increased to above 10–15 percent," he said.

This year's tournament featured three local games, two of which were featured last year, namely Lokapala and the Battle of Satria Dewa. The third local game was the Battle of Guardians.

Head of business partnerships for Battle of Satria Dewa's developer, Haryadinata, said that the game's development has improved ever since it was featured at last year's Presidential Cup.

"We expect to be proud if our game is compared to overseas games," he remarked.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Battle of Guardians' developer, Alexander Andrew Halim, is seeking to develop the game, hold small- to large-scale gaming tournaments, and have the game featured in the 2023 Presidential Cup.

Meanwhile, Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture's sport achievement improvement assistant deputy, Gatot Hendrarto, urged athletes to improve their quality and work together to encourage the public to play local games.

"We expect that local games can be featured starting with the SEA Games, then Asian Games, and so on," he said.

The grand final of the 2022 Esports Presidential Cup was held in a hybrid offline-online format with stringent as well as comprehensive application of the health protocols.

In addition to local games, the 2022 Esports Presidential Cup also featured Free Fire, Mobile Legends Bang-Bang (MLBB), and PUBG Mobile.

Athletes vied for a total prize pool of Rp2 billion and the chance to compete in the IESF World Championship in Bali at the start of December.

Oleh : Arindra Meodia, Fadhli Ruhman/Antara
Editor : Yakop

Thursday, November 10, 2022

30,510 WSBK Tickets Soldas of D-1: Xplorin

30,510 WSBK Tickets Soldas of D-1: Xplorin
An Xplorin official, Norman Haka Sulaiman, has said that 70 percent of the 30,510 tickets have been purchased by residents of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) province. (ANTARA/Nur Imansyah/uyu)
C Lombok, NTB - State-run Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation’s (ITDC’s) digital platform, Xplorin, has sold 30,510 tickets for the World Superbike (WSBK) racing event at Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit as of D-1.

The competition will be held from November 11–13, 2022.

The tickets sold so far consist of second-day pass tickets (6,981 tickets) and third-day pass tickets (23,529 tickets), an Xplorin official, Norman Haka Sulaiman, said at the circuit here on Thursday.

"It is still possible that the number will increase, since offline and online ticket sales will still be open during the (D-Day of the) WSBK at Mandalika (circuit)," he added.

He informed that 70 percent of the 30,510 tickets have been purchased by residents of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) province.

"We really appreciate it because 70 percent of the people watching it (the racing event) will be NTB people," he remarked.

Meanwhile, other buyers are from Bali, several regions of Java, as well as other countries, the official said.

"There are many spectators who come from Bali because, considering the transportation access, Bali is closer to Lombok,” he explained.

Furthermore, he said that there will be several overseas spectators from Malaysia and Australia, although their number will be few.

Based on the ticket sales for the 2022 WSBK so far, there has been an increase in the number of spectators from NTB province compared to the first implementation of the racing event in 2021, Sulaiman noted.

One of the reasons is that the committee is providing a 50-percent discount for local residents, he added.

"We focus more on local spectators, thus they can (have a bigger opportunity to) experience the atmosphere of the circuit," he said.

Earlier, the president director of Indonesian MotoGP and WSBK promoter Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA), Priandhi Satria, had informed that all racers and crews participating in WSBK had arrived in Mandalika, NTB, on Wednesday (November 9, 2022).

Oleh : Nur Imansyah, Uyu Septiyati Liman/Antara
Editor : Yakop

Preparations for IESF Championship 80% complete: PBESI

Preparations for IESF Championship 80% complete: PBESI
Head of the coach and referee division of the Indonesian Esports Central Board, Christian Suryadi, in Jakarta on Thursday (November 10, 2022). (ANTARA/Arindra Meodia/uyu)
Jakarta - The preparations for the 14th International Esports Federation (IESF) World Championships, which will take place in Bali from December 2 to 11, 2022, are 80 percent complete, the Indonesian Esports Central Board (PBESI) has informed.

The visas of about 400 athletes participating in the event have been readied, head of coach and referee division of PBESI, Christian Suryadi, said here on Thursday.

"We have reviewed the venue of the event very often to prepare it,” he added.

He said that 500 matches will take place simultaneously during the championship. The matches will be broadcast live on PBESI's YouTube channel, Garudaku's YouTube channel, as well as IESF’s Twitch account.

"Currently, we are distributing VIP invitations to related ministries and institutions since (the implementation of) the World Championship is not just as an Esports competition but also Esport tourism," the PBESI official added.

He said he expects the invited parties to attend the event. However, he did not reveal who they were.

The 14th world Esports championship will also coincide with the Indonesia Esports Summit, which will serve as an exhibition platform for creative economy actors.

A number of well-known Indonesian artistes, such as the Balinese band from the traditional music genre, Gus Teja; Balinese musician from the ethnic rock genre, Jun Bintang; music producer and composer Alffy Rev; as well as pop music group RAN will perform at the event.

The event, which will take place in Merusaka, Nusa Dua, Bali province, will be the largest outdoor Esports festival featuring more than 80 booths.

It will also feature conferences as well as talk shows with national and international speakers, including IESF president Vlad Marinescu, who will share success stories in the gaming industry and new product launches.

The exhibition will be attended by game developers, gaming platforms, technology creators, as well as Internet service providers and display several latest games and gaming devices for visitors to try.

In addition, there will be food and beverage booths for visitors.

Oleh: Arindra Meodia, Uyu Liman/Antara
Editor : Yakop

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Selawang Segantang Festival Presents Bangka Belitung's Local Arts

Selawang Segantang Festival Presents Bangka Belitung's Local Arts
Selawang Segantang Festival Presents Bangka Belitung's Local Arts.
Bangka Belitung Islands - The 2022 Selawang Segantang Festival, presenting various local arts and cultural attractions, is being held until October 31, by the Central Bangka District Government, Bangka Belitung Islands.

"All the activities we showcase here are a generational legacy that grows and develops in the community," the Head of the Culture, Tourism and Sports Office of Central Bangka, Zainal, explained here on Sunday.

The festival, which took place at the Tapak Antu Beach, Batu Belubang Village, showcased several competitions and traditional games such as displaying betet birds (Psittacula alexandri), pangkak igik karet, collecting clams activity ngeremis, the province's traditional dance rudat, recreational sports adu kerito surong, celebratory tradition nganggung, and the parade of 1,000 telur khatam.

"This activity is being held until October 31, 2022, and the public is very enthusiastic about participating in this, especially in the kerito surong competition and the betet competition," he said.

Meanwhile, Central Bangka District Head Algafry Rahman said that the Selawang Segantang Festival is a platform for the community to express their artistic and cultural creativities.

"This is a place for people from all walks of life to express art and culture, while increasing the attractiveness and love for regional culture and traditions," Rahman said after attending the festival.

He said that the festival implementation aimed to preserve the traditional arts and culture of the region.

Furthermore, he expected that the festival can be held more attractively next year, to attract more tourists visiting Central Bangka.

"Thus, the Selawang Segantang Festival not only aims to preserve regional culture, but also has an impact on the tourism and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector," he said.

According to the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry, Nganggung is one of the traditions carried out in the Bangka Belitung's Malay community.

Nganggung is the custom of bringing food to one large meeting place, usually to a mosque, surau (Islamic assembly building), langgar, and field during Islamic observances such as after the Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha prayers.

Oleh : Ahmadi, Kenzu/Antara
Editor : Yakop

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Indonesia bags 2 silvers, 1 bronze in in ACC in South Korea

Indonesia bags 2 silvers, 1 bronze in in ACC in South Korea
Indonesia bags 2 silvers, 1 bronze in in ACC in South Korea.
Jakarta - Indonesia's mountain bike (MTB) racing team bagged two silvers and one bronze during the 2022 Asian Continental Championships (ACC) in Suncheon, South Korea, October 19-23.

Indonesia's young athletes Feri Yudoyono won a silver in the Men's Junior Cross Country Olympic (XCO) and Sayu Bella Sukam Dewi contributed another silver from the Women Under 23 XCO on Friday.

Meanwhile, the bronze medal was won by Zaenal Fanani who participated in the Men's Elite XCO on Saturday.

"In Men;s Elite, Zaenal Fanani got a bronze and opened an opportunity toward the Olympics," Indonesian Bike Race National Team's Manager Budi Saputra told ANTARA here, Saturday.

For Fanani, he finished third place after recording one hour 30,31 minutes.

The athlete from Lumajang, East Java, was behind Japan's athlete Riki Kitabayashi who bagged the gold with one hour 29,30 minutes and the host athlete Mino Kim on second place with one hour 30,05 minute.

For the Men's Elite XCO, Indonesia also deployed Ihza Muhammad who managed to settle for seventh place with the time record of one hour 35 minutes and 46 seconds.

A day earlier, Yudoyono bagged silver after logging 56 minutes 25 seconds, He was behind Sho Takahashi from Japan who finished with 54 minutes 14 seconds.

Meanwhile, Dewi, despite falling down, managed to bring herself back up and landed in the second place with one hour 13,15 minutes. Japan's representative Akari Kobayashi became the winner with one hour 9,10 minutes.

For the Women Under 23 XCO, the other Indonesian representative, Dela Anjar Wulan, finished in the sixth place with one hour 25,41 minutes.

Indonesia also sent other athletes in other events such as Ade Agung Dian Tara who finished sixth place with one hour 15,35 minutes for the Men Under 23 XCO.

Oleh : Muhammad Ramdan, Fadhli Ruhman
Editor : Yakop

Wednesday, October 19, 2022


Need To Form Coordination Teams To Achieve DBON Goals: Minister.
Jakarta - Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, has stressed the need to form coordination teams across regions to accelerate the achievement of the goals of the Grand Design of National Sports (DBON).

"We have held a meeting on the Grand Design of National Sports as a follow-up to President Joko Widodo's directive at the commemoration of 2022 National Sports Day," Effendy said here on Wednesday.

The meeting discussed the implementation of DBON, which requires support from all ministries/institutions, local governments, the public, and the business or private sector, he informed.

"The government will also synchronize the targets of the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) and the Government Work Plan (RKP) with the targets contained in the DBON," he added.

Effendy said that the government will also establish 10 young athletes development centers in a number of regions in Indonesia.

"There will be 10 young athletes development centers, which currently have been established in four provinces, namely Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, and East Java," he added.

The government will also intensify the comprehensive coaching of young athletes.

"Everything must be done comprehensively, from the aspects of training, nutrition fulfillment, and life skills education. Academic education must also be paid attention to so it is not left behind," the minister said.

To realize DBON, the involvement of many parties is needed, the minister emphasized."These many ongoing programs emphasize the need for all parties' involvement to support the National Sports Grand Design," he said.

The ministerial coordination meeting, which was also attended by Youth and Sports Minister Zainudin Amali and Deputy Health Minister Dante Saksono, was held to follow up on the issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 86 of 2021 concerning the Grand Design of National Sports.

One of the DBON targets is for Indonesia to reach the top 5 in the 2024 Olympics

Oleh : Wuryanti P, Kenzu/Antara
Editor : Yakop

IMI helping two young racers take part in MiniGP World Series

IMI helping two young racers take part in MiniGP World Series
IMI helping two young racers take part in MiniGP World Series.
Jakarta - The Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) has provided assistance to two Indonesian racers, Clevan Lois Valera Octavianus and Lanova Tantra Mahardika, who will compete in the FIM MiniGP World Series 2022 from November 1–3, 2022.

The racing competition will be held in Valencia, Spain.

According to a release received on Wednesday, IMI has arranged free international racing licenses for the two young riders.

Octavianus, 10, and Mahardika, 14, emerged as the best racers in the FIM MiniGP Indonesia Series 2022, which was held at the Sentul International Karting Circuit, West Java province, on October 8 and 9.

"IMI also gives additional funds (pocket money) to support their activities in Valencia, as well as assist them in obtaining visas at the Spanish embassy (in Indonesia). Those are IMI’s supports for their struggle to make Indonesia proud," the chairperson of IMI, Bambang Soesatyo, said.

The two young athletes are scheduled to leave for Valencia on October 27 to compete with more than 30 young riders from 18 countries in the MiniGP.

The IMI chairperson noted that the MiniGP is a part of the “Road to MotoGP” program as the tournament will open opportunities for young talents from all over the world to build their racing careers gradually, until they can qualify for competing in the MotoGP.

"After the FIM MiniGP World Series, these young Indonesian riders can continue to participate in various prestigious championships, such as the Red Bull MotoGP Rookie, Asia Talent Cup, Moto3, Moto2 -- until finally, they can partake in MotoGP," he remarked.

According to Soesatyo, the successful implementation of the inaugural FIM MiniGP Indonesia Series 2022 has demonstrated IMI's commitment to opening more opportunities for young Indonesian racers to make more achievements at the global level.

"In 2023, IMI, along with FIM and Dorna Sports, will also hold the FIM MiniGP Indonesia Series 2023. Thus, it can be ensured that the development of (Indonesian) young racing athletes continues to run sustainably, and it can also bolster Indonesia's position as part of the center of the world motor racing industry and sports," he added.

Oleh : Muhammad Ramdan, Uyu Liman/Antara
Editor : Yakop

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Joan Mir injured right leg ligament after falling at Austrian GP

Archive photo - Yamaha's Fabio Quartararo ahead of Suzuki's Joan Mir in the MotoGP Grand Prix de Catalunya race June 6, 2021. (BORNEOTRIBUN/AFP/LLUIS GENE)
Archive photo - Yamaha's Fabio Quartararo ahead of Suzuki's Joan Mir in the MotoGP Grand Prix de Catalunya race June 6, 2021. (BORNEOTRIBUN/AFP/LLUIS GENE)
BorneoTribun, Austria- 2020 world champion Joan Mir has injured his right leg ligament after falling at Turn 4 of the Red Bull Ring on the first stage of the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Suzuki rider will suffer a follow-up medical on Monday to determine the extent of the injury.

Mir hit a highside and bounced off his bike before landing hard in the clay. An original medical check at the circuit revealed the Spaniard's ligament damage.

" I had a bad accident at Turn 4. I lost hinder grip and there was a highside. It could be worse than that, I feel lucky," Mir said in an sanctioned Suzuki platoon statement.

" original checks showed a number of fractures and fractures in my ankle. hereafter I'll have farther checks and an MRI."

Mir knocked out of the main title competition this season after he was ranked 12th standings with a collection of 77 points.

MotoGP will continue to Misano on September 4.

Meanwhile, Ducati's Francesco Bagnaia is feeling the stylish moment of his MotoGP career after picking up a chapeau- trick of three successive triumphs this season in Austria to keep expedients of winning the 2022 world title alive.

Bagnaia held on to third in the standings but cut the gap to catch up with his main rival, Yamaha's Fabio Quartararo who's still in control by a 44- point periphery. (yk/ant)

Friday, August 5, 2022

APG: Indonesian para-swimming team emerges as general champion

The Indonesian para-swimming team has bagged 87 medals at the 2022 ASEAN Para Games.
BorneoTribun Semarang, C Java  - The Indonesian para-swimming team emerged as the general champion at the 2022 ASEAN Para Games (APG), with a total medal tally of 87, comprising 29 golds, 31 silvers, and 27 bronzes.

"This is certainly a huge relief for all the teams as well because the target has been achieved," para-swimming coach coordinator, Dimin, said at Jatidiri Stadium in Semarang on Friday.

In fact, the para-swimming team has exceeded the target for gold medals, which was set at 27.

In addition to Solo city, APG competitions, specifically for para-swimming sports, were also held at Jatidiri Stadium in Semarang city.

So far, the daily target set by Dimin has only been missed once, that is, on the first day of matches on Monday (August 1, 2022). Out of the target of 10 gold medals, only 7 gold medals were achieved that day, he noted.

Thereafter, the para-swimming athletes achieved the gold medal target by winning three gold medals on the second day (August 2), six golds on the third day (August 3), and five golds on the fourth day (August 4).

On Friday, the medal target was exceeded, with the team securing eight golds instead of seven.

Furthermore, three athletes bagged five gold medals in each match they participated in: Jendi Pangabean, Maulana Rifky Yavianda, and Zaki Zulkarnain.

Overall, they have collected 15 gold medals, or almost half of the Indonesian para-swimming team's gold haul.

Dimin informed that after the APG, the team is planning to compete in the 2023 ASEAN Para Games in Cambodia and the 2022 Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, China, which are likely to be held in 2023.

"So, next year there will be two events, APG 2023 in Cambodia and the 2022 Asian Para Games in Hangzhou. The Asian Para Games might be postponed to next year," he said.

Friday, January 28, 2022

The Sekadau Regent Cup I Senior Standard Chess Championship was attended by 70 Participants

The Sekadau Regent Cup I Senior Standard Chess Championship was attended by 70 Participants
The Sekadau Regent Cup I Senior Standard Chess Championship was attended by 70 Participants.

BorneoTribun Sekadau, Kalbar -- The District I Sekadau District Senior Standard Chess Championship in 2022 was attended by 70 participants. As for the participants who took part in the senior standard chess championship, there were participants from the DPRD, ASN, Polri, students and there were also junior athletes from Sekadau Regency.

This was said by the Head of Percasi of Sekadau Regency, Sovian, M. N.SE. MM told journalists BorneoTribun, Friday (28/1/2022).

Sovian said, in the implementation of the Sekadau 1st Regent Cup senior standard chess championship based on the Provincial Pengprov Decree. Percasi West Kalimantan Number: 01/Skep/Percasi-Kalbar/1/2022 Regarding the management structure and main tasks and organizational functions and the Decree of the Percasi Sekadau Regency Government Number 01/Skep/Percasi-Sekadau/I/2022 Regarding the Senior Regent Cup Standard Chess Championship 2022 The 1st of Sekadau Regency.

With this championship, said Sovian, as a means of coaching and improving chess sports achievements. Moreover, it can provide an opportunity for the emergence of talented athletes who have been hidden so far, due to the lack of mobilization for chess championships.

In addition, said Sovian, as a treasury of junior and senior athletes so that they are ready to accompany Sekadau Regency in Kejurprov, Porprov or district/city level championships in West Kalimantan Province and even represent national level championships.

Sovian explained that this championship is also a vehicle and a place for creative thinking to be developed through the support of the local government of Sekadau Regency, KONI and Sekadau Percasi Regency Government.

"The benefits of this chess game are to improve cognitive, empathy, memory, creativity and skills, planning and problem solving. The benefits for children are as an increase in children's development in terms of problem solving, building social relationships and thinking," he explained.

He revealed, that the Sekadau District's 2022 1st Regent Cup 2022 senior standard chess championship was sourced from the Sekadau District KONI 2022 grant which temporarily used bailout funds from the Regency Government. Percasi Sekadau. In addition, this activity will take place from January 28 - 30, 2022 at Lupung Coffee, Jalan Rawak, Sekadau.

Sekadau District 1st Regent Cup senior standard chess tournament 2022
Sekadau District 1st Regent Cup senior standard chess tournament 2022.

On the occasion, the Head of Koni Sekadau Regency, A Rusmin Nuryadin said Chess is a sport that is categorized as the flagship branch of Sekadau Regency, because several years ago the chess field won a gold medal in the Porprov championship.

"We hope that with the 2022 Regents Cup championship activities, we can find athletes so that in the future we can increase medal gains and improve Sekadau Regency achievements," he hoped.

"Rusmin is also grateful to the Regional Government for supporting this activity and to the participants who take part in the competition, it is hoped that they will prioritize sportsmanship.

Meanwhile, the opening of the first standard chess competition for the Sekadau District's 2022 Senior Regent Cup by the Deputy Regent of Sekadau, Subandrio.

Photo: Deputy Regent of Sekadau Subandrio and Member of DPRD Sekadau Liri Muri. Sekadau District 1st District Senior Standard Chess Championship in 2022
Photo: Deputy Regent of Sekadau Subandrio and Member of DPRD Sekadau Liri Muri. Sekadau District 1st District Senior Standard Chess Championship in 2022.

Deputy Regent of Sekadau, Subandrio said the Regional Government of Sekadau Regency was very supportive of the 2022 Regents Cup chess championship held by Percasi Sekadau.

"As we know that one of our gold medals during the Porprov competition was in the field of chess, therefore we must improve chess so that the next matches are not only 1 and 2 but we can win all gold medals," he said.

He hopes that in the future Sekadau Regency can win absolutely and can continue to develop, recruit talented young players and Chess can also be a gathering place.