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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Effectual Technological Development To Drive Village Growth: Minister

Effectual Technological Development To Drive Village Growth: Minister
Effectual Technological Development To Drive Village Growth: Minister.
Cirebon, West Java - Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration Abdul Halim Iskandar is of the firm belief that the development and utilization of effective technology can bolster efforts to achieve equitable growth in villages.

"If villages are keen to enhance the residents' productivity, then they must accelerate the residents' life mobility and ensure equal economic growth by developing and using effective technology," Iskandar stated at the 23rd Nusantara Effective Technology Expo here, Wednesday.

The minister expressed optimism that effective technology would improve the residents' livelihoods while urging village authorities to support new technology and inventions that could facilitate residents' activities.

"Use effective technology as a medium to achieve quality life for residents," he stated.

The village authority should help enhance village-owned enterprises by assisting its registration with the law and human rights ministry to accelerate economic growth in villages, Iskandar remarked.

He affirmed that village-owned enterprises should register their effective technology products with the investment ministry to receive a business permit.

"This legality will open market opportunities for effective technology products to the village's residents or other regions," the minister emphasized.

He pointed out that village technology services posts (Posyantekdes) could serve as a medium for inventors in villages.

"Posyantekdes can also be a forum for village-owned enterprises to expand their marketing and (distribution) of effective technology spare parts," Iskandar remarked.

Apart from being a medium for inventors, Posyantekdes should also be a forum to unite inventors and village-owned enterprises with customers originating from outside their regions, he added.

"Districts, municipal, and provincial authorities must include effective technology marketed by village-owned enterprises to regional authorities' electronic catalogue and online marketplaces."

"This will legalize and expand marketing of the technology to other government institutions and parties," Iskandar remarked.

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