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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Iranian Embassy Denies Allegations Of Violence Against Mahsa Amini

Iranian Embassy Denies Allegations Of Violence Against Mahsa Amini
Iranian Embassy Denies Allegations Of Violence Against Mahsa Amini.
Jakarta - The Iranian Embassy in Indonesia on Wednesday denied allegations that Mahsa Amini died due to violence committed by the Guidance Patrol, Iran’s morality police, dismissing them as Western and Zionist propaganda.

According to the Iranian Forensic Medicine Organization, Amini died due to cerebral hypoxia, sudden cardiac rhythm disturbance, decreased blood pressure, blood loss, loss of consciousness, and lack of oxygen to the brain.

"We recently often read (about) the developments in the case of Mahsa Amini's death," Iranian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mohammad Khoush Heikal Azad, said at his residence here on Wednesday.

"Thus, we decided to hold a press briefing with all of you to talk about this development," he added.

The tragedy unfolded when Amini was found flouting the hijab regulation and was detained by the Guidance Patrol. She died in the patrol's custody.

When Amini died, several government officials, including the supreme leader, the president, and the head of the supreme court coordinated to investigate the cause of her death, a process which took about a month.

Before the investigation began, various discourses on social media and Western mainstream media brought up the idea that Amini died due to abuse, he noted.

Moreover, the disorder that occurred in the wake of Amini's death was dubbed as a protest for freedom and human rights, he remarked.

However, he said that this description was utilized by the West and Zionist Israel to undermine the current Iranian government, which emerged after the Islamic Revolution.

This undermining of the Iranian government was also reflected in the one-sided sanction imposed by the West. Sanctions, as the UN has informed, have serious repercussions on a country's citizens, he said.

In addition, the ambassador called Western criticism a form of double standard given the various atrocities committed by the West.

Azad said he expects the Indonesian media to maintain objectivity and present various viewpoints while letting the readers be the final arbitrators regarding the Amini case.

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