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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Bengkayang Regent Cleans Up at the Lotus Market

Bengkayang Regent Cleans Up at the Lotus Market
Bupati Bengkayang Bersih-bersih di Pasar Teratai. 

BorneoTribun Bengkayang –  After attending the Simultaneous Planting of a Million Trees at the Green Park of Bangkayang Regency, the Regent of Bengkayang and his entourage looked at while doing a clean-up at the Lotus Market, and its surroundings.

Using the 2021 Budget, the Lotus Market has been reorganized, yesterday (21/1/2022), Bengkayang Regent Sebastianus Darwis, SE.MM and several related OPDs carried out cleaning in a number of markets in Bengkayang City.

"Thank God, the reorganized Lotus Market has been completed. This week, traders of Vegetables, Chicken, Fish and Meat have been able to return to selling at the Lotus market again," concluded the Regent.

The Bengkayang Regent reminded traders to remain orderly and maintain cleanliness in their respective places.

"Development that the local government has made please be guarded and cared for," the Regent ordered. 

Reporter : Rinto Andreas



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