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Monday, January 31, 2022

One Family in Sintang Steals 47 Motorcycle Units

One Family in Sintang Steals 47 Motorcycle Units
Stolen motorbike illustration.

BorneoTribun Sintang, West Kalimantan - The Tebelian River Sector Police revealed the theft of 47 motorcycles (curanmor) in Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan.

The perpetrators are one family, namely a husband and wife, and their underage daughter.

This case was revealed when the mother, with the initials EL (36 years) and her child were caught stealing a motorbike at Nabila BTN, Balai Agung Village, Sungai Tebelian District, January 26, 2022 at around 02.15 WIB.

The mother and child were immediately secured by the residents at the house of the local RT head. The officers then took him to the Tebelian River Sector Police.

After the development was carried out, the perpetrator admitted that he was ordered by his husband, AR. AR was then arrested by the police that same night.

AR and his wife, EL, have been named as suspects. From the results of the development, it turns out that the number of motorbikes stolen by this family is astonishing, namely as many as 47 units.

"Based on the results of development by the Tebelian River Sector Police, backed up from the Sintang Police, we managed to uncover 47 motorcycle thefts," said Tebelian River Sector Police Chief, Ipda J Effendhy Kusuma, Monday night (31/1/2022).

He said the theft had been carried out by the suspect since the end of 2020 or for approximately 1.5 years. The mode is by taking a parked motorbike that is not locked by the handlebar or double lock by the owner.

“The three perpetrators took the motorbike in turn, depending on the situation and conditions at that time. The perpetrators are 3 people, who are one family, their children are still minors," he added.

The Head of the Sector Police said the theft by one family was carried out in the Tebelian River Kecamaran, Sintang City, and Melawi Regency.

“The motorbikes are sold in the Tempunak, Sepauk and Sungau Tebelian sub-districts. The price of the motorbikes varies, ranging from Rp. 4 million to Rp. 6 million per unit," said the Head of the Sector Police.

In addition to arresting the perpetrators of theft as many as 2 people, the police also arrested 3 intermediaries. For the status of minors who participate in criminal acts, the legal status has not been determined. "The status of the child is still waiting, we will file a case first, because the person concerned is still a minor," he said.



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