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Saturday, April 16, 2022

10 Tips for Organizing Your Home to Look New to Welcoming Eid Al-Fitr

10 Tips for Organizing Your Home to Look New to Welcoming Eid Al-Fitr
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BorneoTribun, Jakarta – Eid al-Fitr or Eid is celebrated as a sign of the end of the month of Ramadan.  In celebration, usually Muslims will go to the homes of relatives and other families to share the happiness of Eid moments, such as eating together or just getting together, Mother.

Well, that's why, it's important for you to organize your home so that the Eid atmosphere is more special.  Arranging the house to welcome Eid will also make your home look more comfortable and neat when your relatives or family visit.

Are you confused about where to start in arranging your home?  No need to worry, Mother, the following has been quoted from the Women's Day page, 10 tips to organize your home so that your house looks new for the Eid moment.

1. Check the rooms one by one

Organizing the house can be a stressful activity for some people.  If you are also included, you can start by checking the rooms one by one in the house.  Then, the layout of the room according to Mother is the most messy.

Mothers can also choose the most important room in advance to arrange, such as the living room, family room or dining room, which is usually a gathering place for relatives and family during Eid.

2. Put similar items or accessories together

One of the things that can make a big difference in arranging your home is putting together similar items or accessories, Mother.  For example, arranging goods or accessories by category.

You can organize the dining room by placing a shelf containing cups on one side, then on the other side you can place a shelf containing plates and other eating utensils.  That way, the room will look more organized and tidy, Mother.

This can also make it easier for your relatives or family when looking for something needed when visiting on Eid day later.

3. Avoid putting things carelessly

Placing things carelessly is one of the things that can make your home feel disorganized, you know.  So, it's important for you to be careful when putting something down.  If you are done using an item, you can put it back in its proper place.

“If something is used in the bedroom but stored in the living room, you never keep it,” says Sharon Lowenheim, MBA, MSE, founder of Organizing Goddess.  "You'll leave it in the bedroom or on the floor, creating a messy look."

4. Avoid piling things up

Mother, reducing the habit of piling things up will save you time and energy when you want to use it.  So, it's best if you don't pile up things in the corners of the house or in any area of ​​the house.

This can also spoil the view of your relatives or family who visit your house during Eid.

5. Arrange the books on the shelves by color

Mother or family members at home like to collect books?  So, so that the house looks neater on Eid day, you can arrange the books on the shelves based on their color.  That way, your bookshelf looks neat and will add aesthetics to the room in your house.

Read on the next page for more tips on how to organize your home, Mom.

Also check out tips for decorating a house according to feng shui so that the positive energy continues to flow, Mother:

6. Replace the shoe cabinet with a hanging shelf

Using a closet to put your shoe collection will take up space at home.  In addition, usually shoes that are placed in the closet will be scattered everywhere because they are closed.  Well, you can consider replacing the shoe cabinet with a hanging shelf.

To arrange it, arrange the shoes by type or color, yes, Mother.  Replacing the shoe cabinet with a hanging shelf will help give your mother's house a new look on Eid.

7. Modernize the kitchen

The kitchen is another important part of the house that can be seen when relatives or family visit the house on Eid day, Mother.  For that, it's good for you to modernize the kitchen.  The trick, Mother can change it by placing cooking utensils on a shelf that hangs on the wall near the stove.

This will make your kitchen much more organized and give an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.  It also helps reduce clutter in your drawers or kitchen cabinets.  In addition, it will also make cooking utensils that you often use easier to access.

8. Get rid of items that are not used

Tips for arranging a house to make it look new on the next Eid day is to get rid of items that are no longer used, Mother.  Mothers can check cupboards, drawers, or room tables to see what items are old and no longer used.

By getting rid of these items, you can make room for the things you usually use, thus avoiding the accumulation of items that will make the room look messy.  It can also add a new impression in the room.

9. Add decorations

Mothers can add room decorations at home to make it look more attractive at the moment of Eid later.  For example, by hanging family photos or you can also hang aesthetic wall paintings.  This will add a new feel to the room, Mother.

10. Observe the room after you finish arranging

After you have finished arranging the rooms at home, you need to observe or re-examine the room.  Is the room really neat or not.  If you see something that still interferes with your view, you can rearrange it.

By observing the room after you have finished arranging, you may also find ideas for decorating the room, you know.  For example, adding open shelves to put decorations or displays.

Those are some tips to make your home look new for Eid.  Hope it helps, Mother.(*)



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