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Monday, November 14, 2022

Government To Tag More Provinces For Language Revitalization Programme

Government To Tag More Provinces For Language Revitalization Programme
Government To Tag More Provinces For Language Revitalization Programme.
Semarang, Central Java - The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology's Language Development and Fostering Agency is planning to tag more provinces as targets for the regional language revitalization programme in 2023.

The Language Agency's Secretary, Hafidz Muksin, revealed that the agency had planned to increase the number of target provinces for the language revitalization programme, from 13 to 19 provinces.

The agency secretary in a statement  on Monday said that regional authorities should play their part in protecting regional languages and literature.

"At present, the revitalization works are ongoing on 39 regional languages in Indonesia, and this reflects the (central) government's presence, along with regional authorities, the people, and language and literature communities, to preserve regional languages," he affirmed.

Meanwhile, Central Java Provincial Language Agency Head Ganjar Harimansyah said that the regional agency is promoting regional languages through the 2022 Central Java provincial Mother Language Sprout Festival (FTBI) that involves students from regions in the province.

"Students from primary and junior high school levels participating in the festival are their regions' selection," he stated.

Harimansyah then lauded stakeholders in Central Java for having participated and collaborated in the movement to revitalize Javanese language.

He expressed optimism that the collaboration would be intensified to ensure goals in the language revitalization movement were achieved.

"We are impressed by the support from primary and junior high school students, schools and students' parents, as well as the province's Education, Culture, Youth, and Sports Office that are enthusiastically participating in the FTBI to celebrate those who help preserve the Javanese language," Harimansyah stated.

Moreover, 2022 FTBI organizing committee head Agus Sudono remarked that the Semarang City contingent emerged victorious in the festival. He said the Purworejo District contingent won the Javanese language chants competition that was newly added to the festival.

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