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Thursday, January 27, 2022

These 8 Villages will hold Pilkades Simultaneously in 2022

These 8 Villages will hold Pilkades Simultaneously in 2022
Camat Sekadau Hilir H Syafi'i Yanto. 

BorneoTribun Sekadau, Kalbar – There are 8 villages that will hold a village head election democratic party (Pilkades) simultaneously in 2022 in Sekadau Hilir District, Sekadau Regency, West Kalimantan.

This was revealed by the Head of Sekadau Hilir H Syafi'i Yanto to the media crew, Thursday (27/1/2022).

He also said that his party was still making preparations for the simultaneous 2022 village head elections.

"We in Sekadau Hilir District, there are 8 villages that will carry out simultaneous village head elections (Pilkades) in 2022," said Syafi'i Yanto,

He explained that the village head election would be held in September, and the stages of the village head election process would be held in June.

However, the Camat has not explained in detail the exact date for the Village head election.

"For the election in September, and the date cannot be confirmed, we are still waiting for the existing process. However, the stages themselves will be carried out in June," he concluded.

He expressed his gratitude to the Village Head who has carried out his duties well for 6 years.

He appealed to the public so that the democratic party was safe, orderly, and smoothly in the village head election.

"Whoever is elected later, that is the head of our village together, elbow and elbow is normal, don't let things happen that we don't want," he appealed.

It is known that the 8 villages that will carry out the Pilkades are Sungai Ringin Village, Semabi Village, Landau Kodah Village, Seraras Village, Tapang Semadak Village, Gonis Tekam Village, Engkersik Village, and Tanjung Village.(*)



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