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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Andi Lukman: Tagline LLDIKTI IX is Togetherness

Andi Lukman: Tagline LLDIKTI IX is Togetherness
Head of LLDIKTI Region IX Sultan Batara, Drs. Andi Lukman, M.Si.

BorneoTribun Makassar – Head of LLDIKTI Region IX Sultan Batara, Drs. Andi Lukman, M.Sc., declared that the tagline at the LLDIKTI Regional IX Office was Togetherness.

There is no problem that cannot be solved with good friendship and communication. Therefore, if there is a problem in higher education, and you can't find a solution, please communicate it to us, as STIMI YAPMI did today.

This was emphasized by Andi Lukman, accompanied by the Head of General Affairs, Munawir Razak, S.Ip., M.A., and functional officials of LLDIKTI Region IX, Thursday 27 January 2022 when receiving the leadership and organizing body of STIM Yapmi Makassar to sit down together to resolve the conflicts and problems of the university.

The leadership and organizing body of STIMI Yapmi were received in the LLDIKTI IX lounge while enjoying coffee and cakes, which used to be a waiting room for LLDIKTI Region IX stakeholders who came with service files.

This is the first coffee morning, and hopefully in the future it can become a model because our services at LLDIKTI are currently all online-based, so we are low on visitors so we can do activities like this, said Andi Lukman.

Therefore, we can use this lounge for coffee morning while having a discussion. Keeping in touch does not always have to be in the meeting room.

In the future, we will have a lot of discussions, stay in touch and even solve problems at universities with a more relaxed meeting place and of course our goals will be achieved. While eating together like this, "explained Andi Lukman.

At the university, there is actually no more opportunity for conflict, because with the tri dharma task carried out by the university, there is almost no time for conflict, he said.

Moreover, the current government policy is very clear, the policy of an independent campus is free to learn. When this policy is not implemented properly, it will be fatal for universities.

But I am sure that with the cooperation of all parties, with our togetherness, all of this will not happen," he stressed.

Andi Lukman emphasized, maybe at any time his party will come to their respective campuses without notification, because he wants to see the real atmosphere on campus, because usually when we come and there is prior notification, usually a lot of engineering, and that's what we don't want, he said.

Every year there is a performance agreement of the main work indicators. How universities can improve their quality, and in that there is our role, LLDIKTI Region IX there. And it must be measurable. We also expect large universities to help develop smaller universities, he said.

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