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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Residents excited, 3 Telkom workers electrocuted

Residents excited, 3 Telkom workers electrocuted
Residents excited, 3 Telkom workers electrocuted. – Residents were shocked, 3 Telkom workers were electrocuted in Hamlet VI Rampah Kiri, Sungai Rampah Village, Sungai Rampah District, Serdang Bedagai Regency, North Sumatra, precisely on the edge of Jalan Negara.

The reason is, while trying to repair the cable pole, 3 Telkom workers were electrocuted by high voltage current.

As a result, the victim was immediately rushed to the hospital due to burns, Friday (28/1/2022) at around 12.00WIB.

According to the information obtained, the three victims were identified as Nukasman Lubis (20), a Telkom employee domiciled in Lalang Village, Tebingtinggi City. Meanwhile, Amri Juli Ardiansyah (41) is a resident of Pematang Bandar, Trade, Simalungun and Asbanda Arifin (33) a technician at Cemara Street Indihome Tebingtinggi city.

An eye witness, Dede Suhendra (32) who is a Telkom employee, said that at first the victim, named Nukasman Lubis, was repairing Telkom cables by climbing up using an iron ladder.

"While repairing the Telkom cable, the victim suddenly received an electric shock and the cable fell down with a height of 4 meters," he said.

When the victim fell, said Dede, there was an electric cable on the body of the victim, Nukasman Lubis, then victims Amri Juli Ardiansyah and Adnandar Arifin helped the victim.

"But both of them were also electrocuted," he said.

As a result of the incident, victim Nukasman Lubis suffered burns all over his body.

Meanwhile, Amri Juli Ardiansyah suffered burns to his right leg. Meanwhile, Asbanda Arifin suffered burns to his hands.

"Furthermore, the victim was immediately rushed to RSU Melati Kampung Pon. Meanwhile, Nukasman Lubis was referred to RSU Bhayangkara Tebingtinggi due to burns all over his body," said Dede.

Sergai Police Chief AKBP Dr Ali Machfud through Firdaus Police Chief AKP Idham Halik accompanied by the Criminal Investigation Unit, Ipda Supriadi, Friday (28/1/2022) confirmed the incident.

“Initially the Criminal Investigation Unit received information from the residents of Rampah Kiri that there had been a work accident due to electric shock. Based on the information, the team immediately went to the location, when they arrived at the location, the 3 victims had been taken to Melati RSU, Pon Village," said AKP Idham Halik.

"Currently, the three victims identified as Nukasman Lubis, Amri Juli Ardiansyah and Asbanda Arifin are still in medical treatment due to burns," concluded the Sector Police Chief.(*)



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