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Sunday, November 6, 2022

6 Free VPNs with Russian IPs

6 Free VPNs with Russian IPs
6 Free VPNs with Russian IPs. (pixabay)
They will help you access the websites of Gosuslug, Russian Railways, Russian Post and other departments while abroad.

Here are 6 Free VPNs with Russian IP

1. VPN Russia

Virtual private network with a dozen servers in Russia: in Moscow, Samara, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities. 
VPN Russia
VPN Russia.
The service does not require registration and does not show ads after each connection. The application also works with many other countries.

2. RedCat VPN

This service provides free access to servers in 16 states, including Russia . 
RedCat VPN
RedCat VPN
Registration is not required - the connection is established in a couple of clicks. There are intrusive ads inside the app.

3. VPN Beaver

"VPN Beaver" is an analogue of the previous version: with the same interface and an abundance of advertising. 
VPN Beaver
VPN Beaver.
However, the application performs its function, and you can get rid of banners if you buy a subscription.

4. Urban VPN

Multi-platform VPN service offers dozens of countries to connect to free servers. Russia is also on the list. 
Urban VPN
Urban VPN.
Locations can be added to favorites for the future. In addition to the free version with a fairly average level of speed , the developers also offer a paid subscription. 

For premium equipment and traffic without restrictions, they ask for 590 rubles per month.

5. Touch VPN

Another service with a large number of supported platforms. It works quite slowly, the amount of traffic is limited, but a server is available for connecting through Russia. 
Touch VPN
Touch VPN.
It is unlikely that you will be able to watch movies through it, for example, on Kinopoisk , but it is quite suitable for using banking and other similar applications.

6. VPN‑free.pro

A completely free extension for Google Chrome allows you to use servers from eight locations, including Russia. 
The interface is as minimalistic as possible: just select a country from the drop-down list. The high speed of VPN-free.pro is unlikely to please, but it will definitely be useful for loading pages of Russian services.



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